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Discover the Yates Advantage

Yates Homes is Different - Find Out Why

Yates Homes was established by veterans of the local construction industry who share a passion for acting with integrity and helping people build their dream homes. With today’s latest modular homes, we are proud to offer more living space, higher quality, faster builds, extensive customization, and much more—all at prices up to 30% lower than traditionally-built homes. Choose Yates Homes for the very best service available and receive all of the benefits of modern custom modular homes.

Built to Last
With Excellent Materials and Precise Techniques

What is a modular home? Our custom modular homes are built in sections in a state-of-the-art, climate-controlled factory by highly-skilled and experienced craftsmen. These sections are then shipped to the build site and carefully pieced together to form your new custom modular home, much like a puzzle. Being factory built rather than constructed on site leads to much tighter quality control, reduced impact of weather during construction, and ultimately, more consistent results.

Yates Homes use as much as 30% more lumber than site-built homes, and sheetrock is held together using both screws and glue. Because of this, all of the local home inspectors we talk to agree: our custom modular homes are stronger and more structurally sound than the majority of site-built custom homes in North Carolina and Virginia.

Committed to You
Yates Homes Delivers Maximum Customer Satisfaction

At Yates Homes, we have designed our entire business specifically to ensure your complete satisfaction. This starts with offering top-quality custom modular homes for less along with easy financing, a superior warranty, and absolutely no hidden costs. We also strive to offer the best service available, acting with the utmost integrity at all times while always being available to support each customer and guide them through the process.

Yates Homes is large enough to feature complete services and bulk buying power while remaining small enough to deliver personal, individualized service. We recognize that everyone has different needs, goals, and dreams for their new custom modular home, so we offer a tailored customer experience that promotes communication and leads to the best results possible.

Your Dream Home
At a Price You Can Truly Afford

Every day, it’s getting harder to afford the custom home of your dreams, but Yates Homes has the solution. Our modular homes are designed not only for lasting quality, but also for a level of affordability you may not have thought possible. This affordability is due to efficient, optimized construction processes, bulk material purchases, and fast on-site completion, all of which translate directly to substantial savings for you and your family.

Our custom modular home building process is also designed to eliminate the need to apply for a construction loan from the bank. Our homebuyers are able to secure a traditional mortgage more easily as their new home is being built, saving thousands of dollars in construction loan interest costs. We also handle all of the zoning and permitting needed for construction, which is one less thing to add to your busy schedule.

Pricing your new home comes down a multitude of factors, such as the base price of floor plan you choose as well as any customizations or upgrades you decide to add.

Make it Yours
With a Complete Range of Custom Options

Today’s modular homes are worlds apart from the modular homes of past decades. Now, we are able to use our standard floor plans as starting points and offer a huge range of options for customization, from layouts to finishes, fixtures, and much more. Your custom modular home from Yates Homes will be carefully tailored to match your vision for your new home while exceeding your expectations for what’s possible.

When you choose Yates Homes, you receive the benefit of a relaxed, no-obligation walkthrough at our model center. Our friendly homebuilding experts will consult closely with you, understand your goals, provide suggestions, and help guide you through all of your custom options. It has never been easier to design and build the custom modular home of your dreams in North Carolina and Virginia.

Incredible Efficiency
Leading to a Full Range of Benefits

Once we finalize the plans for your new custom modular home, our build process has been completely optimized for accuracy with an eye toward fast build times. Our modular homes are built in sections at a state-of-the-art indoor factory, where quality control is carefully managed and assembly-line techniques deliver efficiency and precision at the same time. The factory assembly process can also run in tandem with your on-site foundation building and development work for even greater time savings.

Once all of the sections of your custom modular home are completed, they are shipped directly to your build site. There, the pieces are constructed and assembled within 48 hours, minimizing the overall disruption to your new neighbors. All told, our modular homes are completed as much as 50% faster than traditionally-built homes, meaning you’re ready to move in that much sooner.

Features & Options
Add Touches To Make it Your Home, Sweet Home

Yates Homes is here to build the custom modular home of your dreams, and we offer a full range of features and options to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Some of our features and options include:

  • Included
  • Optional Upgrade
  • Standard Delivery
  • Standard Foundation
  • Standard Set-Up
  • Standard Trim of Inside Home
  • Standard Trim of Outside Home
  • Second Story
  • Roof Pitch (7/12, 9/12 or 12/12)
  • Dormers
  • Porches/Decks
  • Garages/Carports
  • Upgraded Bathrooms
  • Ceiling Heights
  • Extended Length Floor Plans
  • Upgraded Appliance Packages
  • Optional Custom Granite Countertops
  • Upgraded Moulding Packages
  • Optional Fixture Packages
  • Optional Kitchen Configurations
  • LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheathing
  • Full Basement

With over 30 years in the building business, we understand what it means to deliver your home, your way. Contact us for additional details and the many available options on any model. Let us help you find your dream home with Yates Homes!