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If you’re searching for Modular Homes VA, you’ve come to the right place. Yates Homes is the go-to dealer for custom VA modular homes. When buying your dream abode, it’s smart to talk with a housing company that for more than three decades has been among the top modular home builders in Virginia.

Areas We Serve

Learn more about where we’re building modular homes around Lynchburg and Clarkville. If you’re looking for modular homes in Roanoke VA or modular homes in Lynchburg VA, it’s good to note that Yates Homes serves those within the Roanoke Valley region as well.


Yates offers the state of Virginia custom-built modular homes in regions around this full list of cities: (directly South & West of) Lynchburg, South Hill, Clarksville, McKenney, Alberta, Blackstone, Kenbridge, Victoria, Chase City, South Boston, Danville, Roanoke, VA · Lynchburg, Cave Spring, Martinsville, Blairs, Chatham, Altavista, Penhook, Bedford, Timberlake, Moneta, etc.

* If you don’t see your city here contact us to see if we have a custom home builder that is near-by.

Best Modular Home Dealer in Virginia

Yates Homes has served hundreds of VA home buyers over the years who want a modular construction home designed especially for their needs, at a reasonable cost and within a range of budgets. Yates Homes guides customers carefully from design to construction and offers information on financing options.


Modulars are popular because unlike traditional housing that may not be built exactly as needed, our Virginia modulars are highly customizable, coming in a wide range of layouts, sizes, and styles. Some refer to their new Yates Home as a dream home or “ modular mansion “, especially when surrounded by manicured green lawn, within a beautiful space in the country.

Virginia Prefabricated Home Safety & Craftsmanship Standards

Modulars are also constructed with modern design practices that are state of the art with features like energy star certified efficiencies, climate control, etc., and ultimately beautiful. Because of the way design works, our experienced builders construct around 90% of these pre-fab homes in a highly controlled environment, so modules are perfected before they are incorporated into any design. This means homebuilding mistakes are greatly reduced while home-safety is increased.


The best part is that modular home costs an average of 30% less than traditional residences. Construction efficiency helps save money because there are no delays or weather set-backs, etc. and the volume of modules being constructed year around builds in an efficiency that translates directly into lower cost for buying agents.

Prefabricated Home Durability

Not only are modulars built faster and cost less, but the durability is great because of the previously mentioned innovative techniques in construction. When anything becomes standardized and efficiencies are leveraged, it’s easy to bring down the costs while making a more durable product. This is what Yates Homes offers, great homes that last longer, at more affordable prices.


In Virginia, prefab living is trending, especially with all of the advantages of getting a tailored residence at reasonable rates, but to make the deal sweeter, Virginia modular financing is easy:

Virginia Manufactured Homes Vs. Mod Homes

Please note: Manufactured generally refers to mobile-homes or trailer houses, which is different than the designer-built homes we offer.

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