Energy Efficiency At Yates Homes

Helping You Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Yates Homes builds energy-efficient modular homes in North Carolina and Virginia. Our modular homes are designed and built from the very beginning to be as tight, well insulated, and efficient as possible, saving you money on powering, heating, and cooling your home. As a certified Energy Star energy-efficient modular home builder, we are your source for a home that is as efficient and economical as possible to operate for life.

Our Approach to Energy Efficiency
Strong Energy Standards & Effective Technology

Energy Star Certified

At Yates Homes, we build every single one of our modular homes to the energy efficiency standards set by Energy Star. We also have an independent, third party testing company who verifies that each of our new modular homes meet or exceed the Energy Star guidelines before they are awarded an Energy Star seal. Our homebuyers who are served by Duke Energy may even be eligible for a small discount on their power bills because of their home’s Energy Star rating.

LP® TechShield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing

Yates Homes also offers LP® TechShield® radiant-barrier sheathing, which is installed on the inside of the roof surface in the attic to lower attic temperatures and reduce cooling bills in the summer. LP® TechShield® is made by layering durable aluminum foil with a proprietary OSB sheathing, made from sustainably-sourced wood. By blocking up to 97% of radiant heat, these barriers can reduce attic temperature by up to 30℉, lowering cooling bills by up to 17%. LP® TechShield® is a qualified Energy Star product that can even help lower your new modular home’s HERS scores, representing a fantastic way to enhance the energy efficiency of your home.