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How to Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Summer’s almost over, and the arrival of fall means getting to watch as leaves change and getting a chance to be festive with friends and family. It signals a change to a more somber time of year. This change brings with it a colder temperature. With these colder days ahead, now’s the best time to ensure your home is ready for the chill ahead. Take a look at this guide from Yates Home Sales to learn some simple ways to equip your home for the fall.


One of the easiest ways to get ready for the fall is by investing in a new thermostat. No matter what kind of home you have, if you don’t have a programmable thermostat, you’re missing out. Modern thermostats let you set them to warm up your home when you’re there and deactivate the rest of the time. That can save you some serious money in the long run.

Traditional thermostats maintain a regular heat or cool point until you tell them differently. But a programmable thermostat is preset to not heat or cool your home if there’s nobody there. And even though it might turn the air off during the day, it will turn it up before you come home to have a welcoming temperature ready for you.


Light the way home with some pathway lights that help you along the path from home and back. Adding lights to your home’s exterior gives you an easy way to find your way in later in the year when the sun starts going down earlier. That way you don’t have to worry about tripping on anything on your way in, and you’ll have an easier time closer to winter when you can’t be sure if the ground is covered in snow or ice.


Part of keeping out the cold is physically preventing it from getting it in. Make sure there’s no air getting in around your door or windows. If your door is letting in cold air, installing a draft guard can provide an easy remedy. For windows, picking out the right blinds and curtains can help retain interior heat.


The right stop on your way in and out of your house can set you up for success when you leave home and when you get back. The best way to do this is making room for jackets, coats, hats, and scarves along with a table for keys, umbrellas, and other accessories. Consider having a station for boots as well. You won’t need this in the fall in most places, but once the winter arrives in full, having a place to drain the water from your boots can come in handy.


The fall is ripe with tradition and festivities. Nothing shows that better in your home than decorating to celebrate. Pops of orange, yellow, brown, and black will really set the stage for the a festive season.


A modular home is optimized to provide real comfort year after year for you and your family. All of the modular houses from Yates Home Sales are built with temperature control in mind. They’re good at keeping the cool temperatures in in the summer and keeping you warm in the winter. That means you’ll never have to worry about escaping temperatures and can spend your time at home that much more. Contact us now to learn more about how modular homes can make this fall the best one yet.