FAQs About Modular Homes

Modular Homes NC VA

The buzz surrounding modular homes has increased quite a bit in the last few years, and we at Yates Home Sales are happy the word is spreading about all the great reasons to go modular. Site-built homes still outnumber modular builds by a long shot, however, so it’s easy to see why so many people are curious about going modular but never do. People tend to resist the unknown, but with more and more people choosing to get more by spending less with the modular route, our homes are becoming increasingly popular. With more notoriety, though, comes more questions, and we want to answer them. We’ve helped NC and VA home buyers bring their dream home to life for years, so we understand why those go who mod become modular evangelists, and we’re sure the trend is here to stay for a long time once the answers below get out!

So let’s take a look at some of the questions most frequently asked about modular home builds.

If modular home builds are built off-site and transported, wouldn’t that cost more money?

Nope. Actually, modular builds cost an average of 30% less than traditionally-built homes. The reason for the cost savings is that construction time is better optimized than you’d find with a site-built home. Why? Because there’s no stopping construction for a week due to surprise inclement weather. Prefabricated home construction is year-round because the homes are mostly built in a secure indoor facility.

Does it take a long time to construct a modular home?

Not at all. Again, when you don’t have to stop for weather conditions, the steps move along fairly quickly. At Yates Home Sales, we have a smooth, efficient six-step process that takes you from the beginning of your search to your move-in date hassle-free. We’ve thought of everything, and we’ll walk you through each step with a level of expertise and customer service that gives you peace of mind and gets you the results you want. Click to read more about our process.

Are modular homes made to be energy efficient?

Yes! Yates is a certified Energy Star builder, so we build according to their standards. We take extra steps to ensure powering, heating, and cooling your home is done efficiently to save you money and help conserve environmental resources. Click to learn more about our energy-saving efforts, as well as the benefits to an energy-efficient modular home.

Are modular homes marketable?

Absolutely. Popularity of modular homes is on the rise, and by the time you’re ready to sell (if you ever do!), the preference toward modular will be even greater. The tremendous cost saving you get by going modular are a very marketable selling point.

Are modular homes built to all the standard codes?

Definitely. Modular home builders must conform to the same local building codes as a those of site-built homes. In fact, local home inspectors have said our modular builds are often more structurally sound than the traditionally built homes they see.

If the homes are all built in a facility, how do you avoid getting a cookie-cutter house?

Easy. We offer a large range of custom options so you can put your mark on both the interior and exterior of the house you choose. It wouldn’t be the home of your dreams if it wasn’t customized around you and your family’s needs and preferences! Learn more about our included features options and home upgrade choices here on our site.

So there you have it: a long list of more reasons for going modular! For further questions, browse through our online resources center, or give Yates Home Sales a call today!