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How You Can Customize Your Modular Home

Are you ready to buy a home, but haven’t found a home that you truly love? There are so many homes out there, but they don’t all have the same features, layout, and benefits. You may feel defeated as you search available traditional homes. It may be time to look at modular home options. Since they’re built off-site, you can choose exactly how your home looks and what features it has. You also get to live exactly where you want! It’s the perfect solution. Today we’ll share just how easy it is to have your dream home. Here’s how you can customize your modular home.


It’s that simple! You get to dream up your ideal house. Start picturing what features are most important to you. Which home would make you most happy? Do you want a certain number of bedrooms or bathrooms? Do you prefer a ranch style home? Would you like a one story or two story house? What size house do you want to live in? What’s your budget? These are some of the considerations that you’ll want to make at the beginning of the process. Having these ideas outlined ahead of time can keep things moving smoothly.

If you’re stuck during these initial steps, we’re here to help. We have photos of homes we’ve built in addition to floor plan ideas. We can help you dream up a perfect home that you’re going to love!


Now’s the time to add those upgrades that make such a difference. You know that dream kitchen space you’ve always wanted? You can have it! You can even choose what kitchen flooring you want, the type of cabinets, and what countertops and backsplash your kitchen will feature. You can finally have the space that you’ve always wanted. With a kitchen that looks this good, you’ll always want to have friends and family over for dinner parties! And the kitchen is just the starting place! There are other ways to customize each room in your home. A fully customized home is one that will meet your everyday needs even as life rolls on.


The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior. Now you get to come up with the best exterior. When creating your own home, you can decide which siding you prefer, what the roofing shingles will be like, and whether you wish to have shutters or trim. This customized modular homes experience gives you complete control over your curb appeal. It can be incredibly fun to think up the perfect outside home look.

Whether you’re ready to explore two story modular homes or are itching to start your custom modular home planning, there are home professionals ready to help! Get in touch with the custom modular home builders at Yates Homes Sales. You too can own the perfect home, and it’s easier than you might think!