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Why Buy a Modular Home From Yates?

If you’re looking for quality housing that is both highly customizable AND affordable you may find that your options are limited when it comes to traditional site-built homes. That’s why for over 30 years, Yates Homes has been helping residents of North Carolina and Virginia build the house of their dreams without the ludicrous price tags that are so prevalent in the residential construction industry.


There are a number of benefits that come from purchasing a manufactured home when compared to a site-built home. We’ve taken the time to list out the major ones for you here:


The many types of construction and building inspections that are required before you can begin to call your new house a home can be stressful. Since your home will be built in sections at our indoor facility, we take care of the inspection for you, making sure each section is inspected multiple times throughout the building process to ensure that your new home is in accordance with regulations and building codes in your community.


All of our modular homes are built at one central location in our climate-controlled environment. This means we don’t experience delays due to inclement weather which increase construction costs, unlike site-built homes that are dependant on good weather in order to finish the project on time. Modular homes are also easier to insulate, heat, and cool which saves you money on your heating and air conditioning bill.


The materials that are used in on-site construction are left at the mercy of the elements whenever they’re not in use which can lead to potential problems down the line that are difficult to fix. Sometimes extra materials are purchased and never even used, wasting money that could’ve been better spent customizing your home. Modular homes are also generally more energy-efficient than traditionally built homes due to the intense quality control of the factory-like setting in which they are constructed.


The customization options that you have when you choose to go with a modular home are nearly limitless! Looking for that kitchen you’ve always dreamed of? Know exactly what color combinations you want to use for your cabinets and backsplash? Interested in incorporating those pristine stone countertops you’ve always fantasized about into your design? All of that is possible! Check out our blog post on how you can customize your modular home if you need further inspiration.


As we have previously noted, our homes are built in our climate-controlled facility, which means we don’t have to halt construction when the weather starts to act unfavorably. The efficient assembly-line process that makes all of our home parts also ensures a much quicker delivery time for the customer.


Modular homes also have less of an impact on the environment than their stick-built cousins. Most materials that are necessary for site-built home construction have to be sourced from all over the region and shipped to the job site using heavy machinery or large trucks that are powered by non-renewable resources like gasoline or diesel fuel. Like we mentioned before, modular homes are often more energy efficient, which further lessens their impact on the environment by using fewer resources to properly cool or heat the interior.


We hope you’ll take our advice to heart and consider a modular home when thinking about buying a new house. If you’d like to speak to someone and get further information about our capabilities or have any questions at all, check out our about us page. You can also give us a ring at (336) 347-4155 if you’re in North Carolina or at (434) 688-0222 if you’re in Virginia.