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5 Reasons People Prefer Modular Homes

Modular Homes NC

Are you or someone you know looking for a new home in North Carolina? Have you considered going modular? Those on the hunt for a home are making their way to the modular market more and more every year, and it’s easy to see why. Modular homes give buyers a long list of  benefits and are often greatly preferable over traditional housing. Yates Home Sales helps home searchers find exactly what they’ve been dreaming of every day, and our clients most often say it’s because they couldn’t find what they wanted anywhere else. Either their dream home wasn’t in their budget, or the houses they had seen weren’t fully customized to their taste and would require alterations. Modular homes cut through all those limitations. You can have your cake and eat it, too. If you’ve heard much about modular housing, you’ve likely heard that this route can become complicated due to old-standing NC city and county laws and ordinances. However, our team at Yates has helped countless home buyers understand and work through these fading legalities and restrictions so they can finally have a home they love that truly works for them and their family.

So, why exactly are modular homes so popular?

Perks of Prefab Housing

We could go on and on about why so many home searchers jump on the prefabricated housing bandwagon, but it really comes down to a list of perks that you just can’t beat. How many homeowners can say they designed their home around them and easily afforded it? When you go prefab, doors like that open and opportunities become available to a range of budgets. Some of the main benefits of modular homes include:

Construction is fast. Need to get into your new home quickly or just can’t stand the wait? With modular housing, you can be in your new home in impressive time. Since most of the home is built in our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facility, we don’t have to pause for weather conditions or worry about materials exposed to the elements being damaged and needing repair.

They’re high in quality. Building the homes in our facility means materials are kept safe and mistakes happen less frequently due to being in a more controlled environment. Once we bring the home sections to your site, there’s less room for error during this final phase of construction.

Modular is affordable. Prefabricated homes cost an average of 30% less than traditional homes because the time spent to build them is better optimized. Modular homes are able to be built year-round without stopping for weather conditions.

They’re customizable. Prefab housing offers a range of options, so you really can design your own home around you and your family. With traditionally built homes, you have to take what’s there, unless you have the money to remodel, which most buyers don’t after buying the high cost of the house. We at Yates offer our buyers a full catalog of sizes, layouts, and styles so they can pick and choose what works for them because we want the result to be a home you can love for the long haul.

Prefabricated homes perform. With Yates’s certified Energy Star housing, you get an impressively energy efficient home due to the precision with which these factory-built houses are created. Quality inspections at each stage ensure you’re getting a house that not only looks great, but is durable and reliably functional as well.

That said, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t found the house you’re looking for yet, give modular homes consideration. Yates is proud to work with home searchers all over NC, and we’ve helped many exhausted searchers finally get the house of their dreams at a price they could afford. Want to join them? Contact us online for more information or to schedule a tour of our homes, or call us at one of our NC locations!