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Our Modular Process, From Concept to Move In

Modular housing is becoming more and more popular, but many still aren’t aware of the variety of benefits that come with going the prefab route. There is a large pool of homebuyers out there right now that are curious about alternative home options, but they often end up still going the traditional route simply because it’s more familiar. They generally already know what the traditional process entails or they closely know someone who can guide them. Since many people aren’t well-versed in the modular housing process, they’re deterred from looking into it due to the uncertainty factor, even if going the traditional path means paying more.

The prefab home process, however, isn’t that foreign, and we at Yates Home Sales have designed ours to be incredibly easy, convenient, and tailored around the homebuyer’s needs. Our tried-and-true process consists of just six steps that get you from dreaming of your ideal home to turning the key. Learn more about our six-step process below to see how you can save money, make your dream a reality, and enjoy the ride doing it.


To begin your modular journey, we invite you to Yates Homes for a casual, no-obligation consultation in which you’ll be able to tour our model home. We’ll go over with you all the layouts and features available to you to select from when designing your home, and our design experts will listen to your ideas to get a good feel for what you’re after. After looking at our inspiration resources and talking out your vision with our consultants, you’ll likely have a good idea of what you’re looking for in your modular home.


Home buying is a big deal, no matter which route you go. It’s important to clearly calculate what your budget is before getting too far into the process. Determine what you’re comfortable with, speak with your financial representatives, and we’ll help you figure out how your home preferences and must-haves relate to your respective budget.


At Yates Homes, we have a range of home style options to choose from. Ranches, two-stories, distinctive Cape Cods: there’s something modular for everyone. Your design consultant will help you look at the features and functionality of each, as well as discuss with you your tastes and specific needs so you can feel confident the home you choose will comfortably represent you and your family for many years to come.


Once you know your budget, the style you want, and what features you’re after, it’s time to pick a floor plan. The layout of your home shouldn’t be taken lightly; it’s what makes your home flow and function in a comfortable way. To help, our consultants will show you a variety of floor plan models you can choose from, or help you customize one based on your needs and preferences.


The bones are done; now it’s time to add some personality! From here, you’ll get to make the selections that determine the aesthetics of your modular home. After working with your consultant and exploring our on-site samples, you’ll choose your personal touches, including paint colors, trim style, flooring, appliances, doors, windows, accessories, landscaping, and more.


Between steps one and five, the Yates team will have all they need to design and build your dream home. Due to the beneficial nature of prefab housing, you’ll end up with a result that suits your exact needs, reflects your personal style preferences, and costs considerably less than traditional housing. Once building is finished and your home is assembled on your site, you’ll be ready to move in and make your new modular home your own!