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Learn The Truth About Modular Home Pricing In The Next 60 Seconds

There are a lot of myths out there right now about modular homes, especially when it comes to their prices and their build quality. Lots of people think “cheap” and “second-rate” when they think of modulars—but that’s a way of thinking that’s hopelessly stuck in the past. Here at Yates Homes, we’re breaking the cycle of misinformation and setting the record straight. The truth about modular home pricing? You get more for less, and you get it with greater overall quality!


Our modular homes get all the benefits of factory-based mass production in a carefully controlled environment. That means they’re significantly less expensive to build. Plus, unlike site-built homes, bad weather won’t throw a kink in the build process. Your modular will be built fast with precision, rain or shine.


Every new modular we build must be inspected before our happy customers can move in, and all of our home inspectors agree: they’re actually built more robustly than even higher-end site-built homes. How is this possible? With advanced computer-aided designs, modern factory precision, and the best materials available, we build excellence. Don’t let the price tag fool you. Modulars from Yates Homes are built to stand the test of time at a price you can afford.

See what a difference 60 seconds can make?

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