Save on Your Energy Bills with a Modular Home

If you live in an older home, it can be difficult and expensive to keep your house comfortable throughout the year. Because older houses weren’t made with the benefit of modern materials, living in them can result in you paying more on your energy bills due to poor heat or cold retention. By choosing a modular home as your next dwelling, you’ll gain more than just a stylish house. You’ll be living in a home that provides the best energy savings possible. Read on to find out how a modular home from Yates Home Sales can dramatically cut down your energy spending.


Because the windows in modern modular homes are made with much more updated class compositions, they work much better than the windows in older homes. While old glass was not made with as much temperature retention in mind, current glass stands up to the test. Current glass is engineered to not only keep the temperature you want inside, but it’s also engineered to be reflective against UV radiation. That means that you won’t have to worry about the inside of your house getting hot in the summer, and you’ll have the added benefit of not having to worry about UV rays damaging your objects and furniture.


Modular homes are designed with doors that fit snug, ensuring that the right temperature is always maintained inside your home. With older houses, it’s easy for drafts to get in during the winter, meaning an increased cost for energy to compensate against the air getting in. Ensure that your doors keep your comfortable internal temperature from leaking.

Updated Thermostats

Take the hassle out of managing internal temperatures yourself with a home that self regulates its temperature. While older homes often have heating systems that stay on at a constant temperature, a new modular home comes equipped with an updated thermostat that can keep your home comfortable while you’re there and save you energy by not heating or cooling your home when you aren’t.

Roof Insulation

If you live in an older home, you might not realize it, but your roof can be a source of temperature leaks. To avoid spending more to stay comfortable, modular homes implement a sheathing technology that prevents temperature from both escaping and entering without you knowing. That results in even more money you’ll have to spend on the things that matter.

Save on Energy Costs with Yates

If you’re thinking about moving from an older home, consider making the switch to a modular home. Making the move can help save you time and money in the long run when it comes to avoiding unnecessary energy costs. At Yates Home Sales, we implement the best homebuilding technologies and processes possible to ensure that your home is safe against wasted energy all year long. Each of our modular homes fully meets the Energy Star guidelines for energy use and in addition our roofs utilize LP® Techshield® Radiant Barrier Sheathing. To get started on the way to saving energy costs in a home you’ll love contact us now to learn more.

What People Are Saying About Their Experience with Yates Homes

Testimonial Image from: Tom & Jo Amato

Five Star rating across the board!

We have had a wonderful experience (start to finish) with everyone at Yates. I sent an e-mail earlier in the week letting all know how much we really appreciated everyone. I think we met or spoke with most of you staff and everyone was more than helpful with any questions we had.

Your folks definitely make this painless (for us anyways) as possible and we are truly grateful.

Five star rating across the board!

Tom & Jo Amato North Carolina

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Testimonial Image from: Gloria Gibson

"I love my new home!"

I love my new home! I have received so many compliments. One couple in particular wanted to come by and see how we customized the outside. They also wanted a 2 story house and couldn’t visualize how it would look. They asked us about our experience with the home process. This couple is now purchasing a new home from Yates!

My home is “comfortable” and I got the kitchen I was dreaming of! Thank all of you at Yates Home Sales!

Gloria Gibson

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Testimonial Image from: Jason and Keturah Yancey

"...expertise and professionalism..."

We would like to thank Yates Home Sales for their expertise and professionalism with our new home. Our sales representative was very knowledgeable of her job and she knew what we wanted for our first home. We had toured many modular dealers but, my heart kept leading me back to Yates. The staff that built our home and the workers that put it together was on point with everything. We were never left with unanswered questions. Their tour homes is well kept and beautifully decorated inside so you as a customer can actually see yourself living in one of the modulars. That’s when my husband and I decided that Yates Homes was the place to go to have our home built.

So thanks to the staff at Yates for a job well done and a special thanks to our sales representative Lydia Gibson.

Jason and Keturah Yancey

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Testimonial Image from: Tim and Renee Hearp

"We are very pleased..."

We are very pleased with our beautiful Yates home. The staff was very helpful and patient as we planned our custom built modular home. Since we had recently lost our first home to a fire we needed to move quickly to rebuild and move back on our land. Yates worked very hard to have our family in our new home as quickly as possible.

Tim and Renee Hearp

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Testimonial Image from: Burt and Andra-Scearce

"I proudly tell them Yates..."

I wanted to take this opportunity to write a thank you letter. My family really enjoys our beautiful home. I want to especially thank CR Yates for working with us to resolve any issues or concerns. When someone ask who built my home, I proudly tell them Yates Home Sales. If I build another house in the future, Yates Home Sales will be my first Choice.

Burt and Andra-Scearce

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Testimonial Image from: Tim and Teresa-Boelte

"...we highly recommend them..."

My wife is a nurse and I handle warranty claims for one of the largest companies in Southside Virginia. We both work in fields where we know how important customer service is and should be. We don’t mind one bit telling anyone about our experience with Yates Home Sales. In fact, we highly recommend them to anyone that asks about our home. If you are in the market for a new home, go by and meet Lydia, Scott, C.R. and everyone else at Yates Home Sales. Then go look around at other places. If a top notch home, honesty and customer service are what you are looking for, I’m willing to bet that you end up right back where you started.

Tim and Teresa-Boelte Virginia

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Testimonial Image from: Mike and Janet Wanless

"...professional and efficient..."

We enjoyed working with the friendly sales staff at Yates Home Sales during our home purchase. They listened to our questions and helped us choose a home that fits our lifestyle. The Yates employees were professional and efficient, and maintained a low-key sales approach. At no time were we pressured or rushed to make decisions about our new home. Thanks to Yates Home Sales, we are living in our dream home.

Mike and Janet Wanless

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Testimonial Image from: Jonathan Manley

"My family and I are so pleased..."

My family and I are so pleased with our new home from Yates, I cannot say enough about the quick and courteous service we have received! The entire process of buying our home was made easy by the excellent staff at Yates and the service after the purchase has been great! We had one small problem with our plumbing after we moved in and the service staff from Yates was on it and had it repaired very quickly with absolutely NO FUSS. In times when good products and service seem to be getting hard to find, Yates Homes stands out as a great local company! I would recommend Yates Homes to anyone who is in the market for a well-built modular home – sold by people who care about the customers they serve!

Jonathan Manley

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