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Discover the Easiest Way to Design Your New Home

Do you want to see what your next home will look like before it’s even built? That’s just one of the many advantages of a modular home. They’re also easier to build, more energy efficient, and they give you an unsurpassed level of control in designing them the way you want than a traditional home. At Yates Home Sales, we think that the best way to find your dream home is by letting you have full control over it. Our online Exterior Experience and Kitchen Experience tools give you an easy way to preview exactly what you want out of your new house before making it a reality.


We believe letting you personalize your home makes it a place you have true comfort. Our Exterior Experience tool is designed to give anyone a complete level of control over deciding the exterior appearance of their home. With our tool, we give you the ability to test six separate aspects of your new home, including:

  • Roof Elevation
  • Shake Color
  • Trim Options
  • Siding Color
  • Shingle Color
  • Shutter Color

We offer plenty of options to choose from in each category so you can truly make your mark on your next modular home. Through the multiple combinations available, you can come up with an idea of what you want your home to look like or even use it as a plan to share with one of our experts when getting started.


Like our Exterior Experience tool, our Kitchen Tool lets you explore our many options for making the kitchen in your modular home truly your own. This tool is even more in-depth than our Exterior Experience because a kitchen has many more fine details to choose between. We give the option to choose ten different features between three styles of kitchens.

Our three styles of kitchens are:

  • The Summit Kitchen
  • The Rockbridge Kitchen
  • The Blueridge Kitchen

And the options we offer on all three are:

  • Cabinet Material
  • Island Cabinet Material
  • Countertop Style
  • Island Countertop Style
  • Ceramic Backsplash Options
  • Sink Color
  • Flooring Choice
  • Appliance Finish
  • Hardware Finish
  • Lighting Style

Through this extensive level of choices, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck with a kitchen you don’t like. We give you the option to make every feature of your kitchen one that you choose. That gives you a space you’ll love seeing every day for years. Once you’re done picking out the look for new kitchen, simply off the design, and one of our experts can help make it a reality in your new modular home.


Choosing a new home is an incredibly personal process. That’s why Yates Home Sales makes it easy to make your own. We know that the more control you have over your next residence, the happier you’ll be. That’s why we give you the tools you need from the beginning to start planning your ideal next home. Want to get started designing the home of your dreams? Contact us to find out more.