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Curious About Modular Homes? A Few Of Your Questions, Answered

Contrary to popular belief, a modular home and a manufactured home are not actually the same thing. They have various differences, and each type of home has its own distinct set of advantages.

However, you might have questions about modular homes that you want answered. Whether you’re looking into a modular home or simply curious about their benefits, here are a few frequently asked questions, answered.

What is a Modular Home?
A modular home is a home that is built in a factory-like setting. Some modular homes take as little as one or two weeks to be completed, while others take longer. Although around 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes, modular homes have earned a great reputation for durability and efficiency.

How is Modular Home Construction Different from On-Site Construction?
Unlike on-site construction, modular home builders can complete the job in a matter of weeks as compared to months. So while home builders will spend months building a home on-site, your new home can be built in weeks. Even better? Those cost savings get passed onto you.

Not only that, but on-site construction is often subject to various kinds of delays, whether it be weather or complication-related. Modular homes must comply with certain sets of standards, and although there are custom modular homes available, they are all built to the same high standards.

Do All Modular Homes Look the Same?
Contrary to popular belief, modular home plans come in all manner of shapes and sizes. No matter what kind of spacial or aesthetic needs you have, modular home options give you some of the most varied and customizeable floor plans out there.

Is a Modular Home Expensive?
Like any home, a modular home comes with a price tag, but these homes are, in fact, much more cost efficient than a home built on-site. Not only do they take less time to build, but their construction costs less because of the factory setting, therefore lowering the price tag for you as a consumer as well. Usually, these homes cost an average of $62,600, far less than the $272,200 you’d have to spend for the typical single family house.

Regardless of your spacial needs or design preferences, there’s a modular home out there that’s just right for you and your family. If you’re looking for a more affordable, customized option, then it might be time to do some additional research into a modular home.