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Top 15 Reasons to Choose Yates Homes

  1. Yates Homes is a family business that was founded in 1986 and built on integrity, quality and goodwill. We proudly serve the Virginia and North Carolina communities by providing quality homes and outstanding customer service.
  2. Class A Contractor – Yates Homes holds a Class A Contractor License, which means that we are officially recognized by the building industry for upholding the highest build quality standards. This is something that we are very proud of and that is immediately evident when touring any of our model homes.
  3. Certified Energy Star Home Builder – Yates Homes is a Certified Energy Star Home Builder which means that we go the extra mile to ensure that our homeowners will spend less to power, heat and cool their Yates Homes. An independent third party tests each of our homes to verify that it’s energy efficient, before they are awarded an energy star seal.
  4. Financially Stable – Yates Homes has remained strong throughout the economic turbulence of recent years, by staying in-touch with their customers’ needs and being able to adapt their home and financing packages, to ensure a smooth transition to homeownership.
  5. Locally Owned – Yates Homes have the advantage of being a locally owned company, which means that owners CR and Scott Yates are very much personally involved in the day-to-day management of their home building projects. Our open door policy also ensures that we are always accessible to our customers and building long-term relationships with our homeowners is something we both really enjoy.
  6. Real-Life Model Home Experience – Yates Homes offer a great model home site tour experience. Unlike many mass-market competitors, we’ve gone to great lengths to make our model home settings as lifelike as possible, ensuring that our customers are able to immerse themselves and fully visualize life in a Yates Home of their own.
  7. Faster Build Time – Yates Homes construction time is typically more than 50% faster than that of a site built home. Our process has been totally optimized to ensure build efficiency. Our state-of-the-art indoor factory assembly line and our precision-managed on-site foundation and development work, run seamlessly alongside each other to deliver quality result in less time.
  8. Faster On-Site Completion – Yates Homes, once constructed are assembled on-site within 48 hours, minimizing noise, road and overall neighborhood disruption, getting you off to a great start at your new home.
  9. Greater Structural Integrity – Yates Homes are built using 30% more lumber than site built homes, plus sheetrock and sheathing are held together by using both screws and glue, to ensure maximum strength and durability. They are built to handle both extreme weather and handling conditions. They are able to comfortably withstand transportation over hundreds of miles, being lifted by cranes and can easily and securely be set onto your site foundation.
  10. Lower Construction Finance Costs – Yates Homes guarantee shorter construction times than site built homes. What this means for our homebuyers are that mortgages are easier to secure and that they can save thousands of dollars in construction loan interest costs.
  11. More Affordable – Yates Homes ensures that their optimized construction process, bulk material purchases and fast on-site completion process translates to savings that are passed on to our homebuyers. By buying our material in bulk and keeping our construction and on-site time to a minimum, we can provide you with a quality home in less time and for less money.
  12. Superior Warranty – Yates Homes offer their homebuyers a one-year factory warranty and a 10-year extended warranty whereas most stick-built homes typically offer buyers zero warranty.
  13. No Hidden Costs – Yates Homes help keep budgets in-check. With modular homes, the construction process is straightforward, with a single sales order covering your overall costs. There are no change orders or open-ended allowances that can leave you with unanticipated mounting costs.
  14. More Environmentally Friendly – The Yates Homes modular build process is more environmentally friendly than site-built homes. Overall there is less material wasted and most small cuts of wood and leftover drywall, are recycled.
  15. Superior Energy Efficiency – Yates Homes, in addition to being to Certified Energy Star Builder itself, offering its homebuyers superior energy efficiency, it also boosts all the the energy efficiency advantages offered by modular homes in general. The University of Florida, Industrial Engineering and Management Systems recently did a study of the air exchanges of modular vs. site built homes. They found that the average site built home had 11 air exchanges per home vs. 7 for modular.