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Modular Homes & the Housing Market

Yates Home Sales has been part of the modular housing industry for years, working with many proud new homeowners to design their dream home without breaking their budget. We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of opting for modular housing, and we’re happy to say the housing market is starting to take notice as well. The many advantages of modular homes are becoming well known, leaving many people wondering why more aren’t being built. But the housing market is beginning to reflect this shift in how we think of the home designing and purchasing processes, and it’s expected that modular options are only going to become more prevalent.


Home options are changing rapidly to meet evolving trends and buyer preferences, and home shoppers have more sway in the market now than ever before. When people used to hear “modular housing”, they tend to picture a mobile home due to outdated beliefs about what modular means. However, more and more people are coming to realize that modular and mobile are not the same thing and that modular is actually a very attractive option. Today’s modular housing is on par with if not more appealing than traditional housing. It’s incredibly affordable, customizable, high-quality, and has a quick build time, so why wouldn’t more buyers go this route moving forward? Today’s buyer is more determined to get what he or she truly wants. They know the options are other there, so they’ll take their business where they need to to have their musts met.

Thanks to the high number of home buying and designing TV shows that are out there now, the average person is more interested in home design and customization, as well as savvy ways to save money without having to make sacrifices. As a result, modular home sales are skyrocketing, and housing market professionals are starting to see its rise. It’s predicted that modular housing will be a known option to most buyers and a much larger preference in the market by 2020. This is something we at Yates Home Sales always saw coming. With the many benefits to modular homes, why wouldn’t it? And when the modular approach becomes more widespread, we’ll be here to help buyers get the right home for the right price, the way it should be.