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Modular and Prefab Homes: What You Pay & What You Get

Modular homes are quickly becoming more and more popular in comparison to their stick-built alternatives. With quicker construction times, unique customization options, and fewer hoops to jump through, it’s easy to see why so many people are foregoing the traditionally tedious and drawn-out home-buying experience and are instead turning to modular home construction when searching for their next house. Here at Yates Homes, we make it our mission to provide you with a high-quality finished product and excellent customer service to back it up.


If you’re looking for reliable modular home construction that is also affordable, then we have plenty of options for you to consider. Some of our most popular floor plans in this price range include:


Looking to strike the perfect balance between affordability and space? Then our modern prefab homes under 150k will help you settle into that sweet spot quite nicely. Popular floor plans include:


We also have floor plans for those looking to make their hard-earned money stretch a little further. If you’re looking to maximize your square footage without taking a massive hit to your bank account, then our custom homes under 200k are perfect for you. Popular floor plans in this price range include:


Each of the floorplans that are listed above is fully customizable and can be tailored to meet your unique tastes and needs. If you’ve always dreamed of building your dream home in Central Virginia or Central North Carolina, then contact Yates Homes today and let us help turn that dream into a reality!