Modular Home Difference

Modular homes are constructed to the same state, county, and local building codes as a site built home. A modular home is inspected during each phase of construction and an independent (third party) inspection agency approves each home prior to shipment.

Yates Construction

Yates Construction: Lumber is stored in a controlled environment.

Site-Built Construction

Site-Built Construction: Lumber is stored outside.

Where would you want the materials for your new home to be stored?

Yates Construction: Only the best quality products go into our homes.
Site-Built Construction: Material can be of less quality and are exposed to the outside elements.

What quality lumber do you expect, and is wet wood acceptable in your new home?

Yates Construction: The majority of your new home is built in a controlled environment.
Site-Built Construction: Would you want rain and snow piling up on your subfloors and decks during construction?

Is standing floor and soaked decking something you want?

Yates Construction: Homes are built mostly indoors in a safe and predictable environment.
Site-Built Construction: Homes are built outdoors in an unpredictable environment.

Which is a better environment for your new home to be built?