What Are Modular Homes?


Modular homes are also referred to as: factory-built, system-built, prefabricated (prefab), and/or panelized homes.

They are different from site-built (also known as traditional or stick-built) and from mobile (also known as manufactured, single wide, or double wide) homes, although the terms are sometimes intermixed or used incorrectly.

As the name suggests, modular homes are built in a modules (i.e. sections) in a factory setting. These are then transported to the customer’s home site where they are placed onto a permanent foundation.

In recent years, modular homes are becoming increasing more and more popular, due to a variety of factors, but primarily because they:

  • Are more cost-effective and faster to construct than traditional (site-built) homes.
  • Are completely versatile (can be modified to suit most any design)
  • Are energy-efficient (providing on-going energy bill savings)
  • Are built to be structurally stronger than traditional homes.
  • Are not prone to mold, mildew or framing problems.
  • Appreciate over time.
  • Can be modified and expanded in the future should needs and requirements change.

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