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Modular home design can greatly assist to bring home owners to a new place economically and efficiently. With our new innovations in house construction, one can enjoy a home built to the International Building Code (also known as the BOCA code which is the same as a site-built home) that offers all of the desired features.

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Can Quality Modular Homes in North Carolina (NC) and Virginia (VA) still be cheap and affordable?

If you are working within a tight budget but still want a home of outstanding build quality, that is also energy efficient and both looks and functions well in terms of design and layout, you can achieve all that and more by purchasing a Modular Home.

There are a number of factors that make Modular Homes an affordable housing option, including:

  • The bulk purchasing of building materials, appliances, flooring and accessories results in cost savings, that can then be passed on to the homebuyer.

  • The build phase of your home and the site preparation (including the building of the foundation) can happen simultaneously, saving time and money. This is unlike site-built homes that require the completion of one phase before the other can begin.

  • As modular homes are built in an optimized climate-controlled factory environment, typically by full-time staff who are each experienced in their particular part of the process, the homebuyer benefits from quality consistency as well as decreased labor time and costs.

  • Modular Homes are also not affected by weather or site vandalism related delays or costs, as can be the case with site-built homes.

Modular Homes and Site-Built homes are built to the same state building codes and standards, as required by North Carolina and Virginia, as well as to the same local authority requirements.

What to look out for when shopping for a cheap and affordable Modular home:

Don’t just look for the cheapest Modular Home. Not every Modular Home builder is the same. Look for a builder with a Grade A construction license (to secure the best quality build) and take a moment to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to make sure you are buying from a reputable builder. It’s free and fast to check online.

Also look for a Certified Energy Star Builder in order to ensure that your Modular Home will be optimized for energy efficiency and long-term energy savings.

If you are looking for a quality affordable Modular Home in the North Carolina or Virginia area, please fill out our no-obligation New Home Questionnaire and we will be happy and to guide and advise you. offers practical ideas for reducing household energy consumption by as much as 20 or 30 percent.
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