Let Us Build Your Dream Home!

Buying a new home mandates homework, legwork and considerable effort on your part to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible, and you don't bite off more than you can chew. We can assist in the basic steps to get you started in the right direction to obtain your dream home.

Build On Your Lot!

If you have land, or are looking to purchase, talking with the professionals at Yates Homes can save you time and money as you plan your dream home. Learning what steps and options to consider can reduce the money and time investment in the process.

Know The Land
Without experience almost any available piece of land can appear to be easily buildable, but can also be quite the contrary. It is not uncommon for eager and inexperienced buyers to learn the hard way just how expensive acquiring land can be.

If you are considering land in a remote or non-developed area, it may be beneficial to consult an experienced builder with knowledge and expertise. Calling a professional, like Yates Homes, can assist in avoiding costly pitfalls and headaches. Not only could you save money consulting a professional, you could expedite your own timeline by learning what investment may have to be made to make a particular property suitable for your home placement.

Consideration For More Developed Areas
If you should be in the market for an improved piece of land in an existing community, issues of access to electricity, natural gas, water and sewer connections, etc. will not be as critical.  However, talking with an experienced professional can still be beneficial in identifying and understanding any restrictions in addition to the other dimensions to consider, such as easements, zoning laws, property line restrictions, and architecture guidelines and review processes.

Designing a Home For Your Land
The freedom to acquire land has become an essential part of the American dream. In a culture that values individuality and self-expression, more people are opting to buy their land first and then construct their dream home.  By consulting a professional like Yates Homes, you can save money and avoid the potential costly mistakes. offers practical ideas for reducing household energy consumption by as much as 20 or 30 percent.
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